Format for Singaporean bank account details

In order for us to reconcile the funds collected from ticket sales to your bank account, we require the following details:

  1. Account Name
  2. Account type (checking or savings)
  3. SWIFT Code (8 or 11 characters)
  4. Bank code(4 digits)
  5. Branch code (3 digits)
  6. Account number (1-11 digits)

Account Name:
Enter a valid Name on Account as it appears in your banking records to ensure there is no a delay in receiving your payout.

SWIFT Code is a unique identification code for a particular bank and it is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC). SWIFT Codes are used for transferring money and messages between banks.

SWIFT Codes are 8 or 11 characters for a bank.

A full list of Singaporean bank SWIFT CODES can be found here, or simply contact your bank to find out.

Bank Code
Bank Codes are 4 digit figures registered to a bank.
Example 1)DBS Singapore = "7171"
Example 2)UOB Singapore = "7375"

Branch Code
Branch Codes are 3 digit figures registered to a branch.
Example 1)DBS Shenton Way = "001",
Example 2)UOB City Plaza = "003"

If you experience problems confirming your Bank or Branch Code, simply contact your bank to find out the correct numbers.

Account Number
Account numbers are generally 7-11 digit figures registered to a bank account. For details, please ask your bank for correct account number information.

  • DBS: 10 digits (e.g. 0052312891)
  • UOB: 10 digits (e.g. 9102031012)
  • FEB: 10 digits (e.g. 5041920123)
  • POSBank: 9 digits (e.g. 084102395)
  • OCBC: 7 digits (e.g. 1089550). If you see 10 digit figures like "5501089550", please drop first 3 digits (550) which is the Branch Code.
  • HSBC: digits may vary. If you see figures like "146172002492", please drop first 3 digit (146) which is the Branch Code.
  • Standard Chartered: 10 digits (e.g. (1803645852).


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