Why was my event declined?

One of the reasons Eventfinda is so popular with consumers is because we moderate our listings.

Even though it is free to list an event, sometimes they can be declined (and we decline less than 1% of all submissions).

If your submission has been declined, the reason will have been included by email, but here's a quick guide to the most common reasons:

  • The submission was in ALL CAPS. Really, no-one likes being shouted at. If everything on Eventfinda was in ALL CAPS, no-one would read it, and you wouldn't want to submit your event to a destination website that no-one reads. RIGHT?
  • The listing contains inappropriate language.
  • If the submission is at a private residence, that's a party, not a public event. Do you really want 10,000 people turning up to your place? Actually, don't answer that.
  • A specific venue and address was not provided (for example TBC).
  • The submission is for an online event. There are websites for those, unfortunately this isn't one of them.
  • The event has already been listed by another user.

Please don't take offence — we know our audience, and they appreciate the difference between a genuine, publicly available event, and a promotion for something you may care passionately about, but doesn't necessarily appeal meet our Terms & Conditions.

We reserve the right to decline a submission for any reason.

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