How much does it cost to sell tickets with Eventfinda?

It's free to use Eventfinda for event registrations that have no charge for tickets.

For event organisers wanting to sell tickets to their event, the set-up, management and reporting is completely free.

You only pay $0.99 cents for each ticket actually sold.

There is no charge to issue complimentary or free tickets.

We charge the purchaser a fee at point-of-sale according to the following scale:

  • Under $10 — free
  • $10.01 - $20 — $0.99
  • $20.01 - $50 — $1.99
  • $50.01 - $100 — $2.99
  • $100+ — $3.99

If you choose to use your own PayPal account to collect funds, then any charges or fees associated with your PayPal account will be deducted by PayPal.

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